[Northkeep] Re: Castellan Question

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 21:07:30 PST 2003

Greetings, again!
   Thanks for the responses..Her Excellency wrote
"Castellan will be at Will Rogers.  We'd love to see
you at both. :) (no
pressure or anything!!! - bring Britta along, we'd
like to see her at
anything at this point.)
   I have spoken with Britta about Crown and she has
been to and likes the state park where it is to be
held. I may have one or more friends, perhaps to
include a particlualr Lady, that may come to an event
with me as well. I liked the info on the newcomers
classes. Tomorrow evening is unlikely, but next week's
might be a possibility to bring one or two to. If I
see that looks likely I will e-mail ahead. I was
actually in Tulsa during figher practice last
Saturday, but at a broadcasters meeting listening to
politicins part of the afternoon.
   I emjoyed Cracked Anvil, and still owe pictures I
haven't forgotten, just haven't got them all done
and/or out yet!
   Anyway, I hope to pester you folks more this
summer, and a great night to all!


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