[Northkeep] New member of the Barony

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Apr 8 10:36:10 PDT 2003

At 10:11 AM 4/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Congratulations to them both!  Annis and I are expecting Aug. 30th, so
>hearing this brings a little extra joy for us.  I saw a lady in Atenveldt
>get an AoA for " enriching and increasing the realm".  She was already
>getting an AoA, but the Herald threw in a funny.  We all laughed mucho.

Great timing.  This puts on born the begining of April, then one the
beginning of June and then August.

Looks like they are keeping you welll supplied Mercedes, who is slotted for
October and December?  The others can start scheduling for next year...


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