[Northkeep] HELP!!!!

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Wed Apr 9 21:01:15 PDT 2003

You can do an Alum tanning method. I've used this its cheap, easy and
You need
5 pounds of non iodized salt
10 gal warm water
(This should be distilled so you don't get all the crap you get in hard
2 pounds of alum
If you are doing a small animal just half that recipe.

The fist thing I do is salt the pelt. cover it good with about 1/8 inch of
salt, fold it in half, roll it up, set it on a board at about a 45 degree
angle so it can drain. The salt pulls all the fluids out. (Yeah don't do
this in the kitchen sink either or women go nuts) Let it sit there for about
a day and a half. then unroll it, scrape all the salt off then mix the above
solution, drop in the pelt (you may want to put a brick or a rock on it to
keep it down in there) A lid is good too, you don't want any critters in
there fishing for your goods.
Stir it a few times a day. Now, for small hides about three days is good but
if you are doing a deer or something huge a good week would be about how
long it takes to get a good tan. Checking it to see if it is done is easy,
just take a knife, cut a little edge and if it's white all the way through
then its good to go. Check the middle too because if it's grey or pink, toss
it back in and let it stew some more... another day or so.
Take it out, wring it out and start letting it dry.. tack it down and come
back about every 4 or 5 hours and stretch and pull and stretch some more
(this is a good time to make your children wish they weren't grounded) take
a cynder block and start rubbing. Stretch and rub.. this goes on untl is
pretty dry then get some Neetsfoot oil, saddle soap or lanolin and rub it
down. Tada... pelt. That's about all I know except for the Brain tanning
method but.... ewww... since I'm a girl... I won't get into all that. LOL
Have fun and if you have questions call me.



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>I need help!!! lost of it and fast!!!  I was given a
>pelt some time ago that I thought I would try to tan.
>I have since lost my instructions. I have it thawed
>out and streached onto a piece of plywood.  NOW
>WHAT??? Can someone send me some instructions on what
>to do now or suggest a good web site? thanks Otar
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