[Northkeep] castallen feast reservations

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Wed Apr 9 22:56:26 PDT 2003

Oops. my mistake. I see you have CASTELLAN in your header. All I paid
attention to was feast reservations. Silly human; I'll have to start paying
attention. What a dreadful thing to have to become accustomed to doing so
late in life.

Oh well. I hope you got a good laugh out of it anyway.


PS. You might want to e-mail Amanda and make sure she got your info as well
I me greedily snapping it up.

Now, to undo the list.
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> "cardweaver"  wrote:
> > from Namron--
> > Tarl Godrikson                Tom shit-I-don't-know-their-last-name
> > Stacia Marie Travarre     Stacy
> > Carl/Boo Tarlson            Michael
> >
> That would be
> Tom Goodrich
> Sandy Goodrich
> Michael Goodrich
> Maleah
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