[Northkeep] three questions...

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My Lady, Adalia Nyx, will have some feast gear for sale inexpensively @
Crown or if you contact her before you might be able to coordinate a preview

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> 1) When does the Scribal Guild meet?  And does it include
> of technique? And how the HECK do you get the paint to lay down smoothly
> not look all ... stripey? :-( (My first couple scrolls turned out ..
> these last two have been shredder-food.)
> 2) Does anyone in the Barony make pottery? I have finally convinced my
> sweetie to come to an SCA event, and it will be Crown. We have feast
> reservations, and I'd rather not break out the Tupperware in front of the
> royals. :-) Would like to purchase a nice, period place setting for each
> us. (Other suggestions for period feast ware would be welcome, too.)
> 3) Amanda, please put me down for two feast reservations for Castellan.
> Zubeydah (Bethany Hansen) & Abe (Darren Vann)
> Thanks...
> - Zubeydah
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