[Northkeep] HELP!!!!

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Fri Apr 11 13:56:43 PDT 2003

Yes, that is true.. it does provide a rather... errm.. odd aroma. I've done
this since I was a kid (my father made us have odd hobbies) and even the
cats walked around with funny looks on their faces. If you don't have a shed
you will be prompted to quickly build one or face being booted out by the
spouse. Oh, and by the way... speaking of pets... keep that alum well away
from dogs and cats, it will kill them.


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>Subject: Re: [Northkeep] HELP!!!!
>Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:56:14 -0400
>I knew a scribe in STL (B3R) who talked her husband into making vellum for
>her to make special scrolls on.   During the process their house was the
>favorite hangout for all the neighborhood cats and dogs.
>   Damon
> >BTW, there is NO part of this process that does not stink like a - well
> >there are no words I can politely use on this list.  This is why I don't
> >my own hides - Herself has prohibited hide tanning in our apartment.
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