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Dawson, Lynne dawsonl at unionps.org
Mon Apr 14 05:40:05 PDT 2003

I won't be able to make Thurs. night's meeting. I have to go to school
conferences on that night.


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Hi folks; the first castellan planning meeting will be at beorhtlic and
elisabetta's on thursday the 17 of april at 7:30 pm. directions as
take your best route to 193 east ave. either 21 or 41 streets are the
best surface roads to take or I-244. on 193 go to 31 street and head
east. that is a left turn coming from 244 or a right turn coming from
41st.  Go 6 miles to 289 e ave and turn right, go one block to 32nd,
turn left, go 3 "blocks" to 294 and turn  right, the house is the last
one on the left.  If you can carpool  please do so, because parking is
at a premium. the phone is 379 0042.   See ya there. Beorhtlic

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