[Northkeep] a question about charter coloring...

Annais de Montgomerie annais at cox.net
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It would depend on the scroll type...  If the scroll is Celtic, and you are
using yellow, I would recommend just using the yellow for highlights as
well.  Simply because in period, when gold was used on early Celtic stuff,
they used gold everywhere, there was no yellow.  When they used yellow,
there was no gold.  Or rather, I have not found substantiating examples of

If the scroll is a later European, gold is fine.  But again, I have not
found examples of mixing yellow and gold on the same document.

You are correct that using the gold highlight would help draw the eye to the
crane and make it pop more.

Just my thoughts,


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> Question about coloring...
> With the Sable Crane, since it has a gold background and gold detail
> would it be okay to paint the background with YELLOW paint, and the detail
> work on the crane in GOLD metallic paint to help differentiate so you can
> see the details more clearly? Or would that fall under No-Nos?
> curiously,
> zubeydah
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