[Northkeep] Med-Fair in Skiatook this weekend

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> Hey, Robert-Would you please respond off-list about this?  I want to know
> cost-if any-merchanting, camping, etc.  skerritheviking at yahoo.com YIS

       I just checked.  There is a charge for the general public but if we
are there in garb helping to add to the Medieval ambiance we won't be
charged.  No charge for merchants.  Camping is permitted but access to water
and electricity is limited.  The Fair hours are Sat 10 - 6 and Sunday 1 - 7.
We would be allowed to stay Saturday night and hold a Bardic Circle / Revel.
The site is in Skiatook City Limits and this is grass fire season up here so
no ground fires.  Tiki torches within reasonable limits, unless the police
show up and tell us to put them out.
       Alcholol is permitted after Fair hours so long as no one gets out of
hand and the Police get called.


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