[Northkeep] April Saga -- final call for reports

LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Tue Apr 22 13:59:43 PDT 2003

Due to an unhappy computer, our chronicler is taking a vacation this month.
Which means her deputy (that would be me, Lynn the Inquisitive) is doing the
Saga this month.

I have reports from:
their excellencies
knight Marshall
and from Drum & dance circle

If you are not on the above list and have sent in a report, please resend it
to me.

If you have a report you should have in the Saga, then you have until
tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23) to get it to me so it will included.

Please send your Saga stuff to me with Saga in the subject line; the address
LRA at olpdsl.net

Thanks for your help.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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