[Northkeep] Crown

Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Tue Apr 22 19:56:08 PDT 2003

Greetings Unto the Fair Barony of Northkeep, our good and gracious
    Unless something drastic happens to change my work schedule I will be
unable to attend Crown Tournament. I regret having to miss this glorious
event as I've seen from your posts all the hard work you are putting in to
make this come off in a grand fashion. Thank you for your efforts. I know it
is no small thing and requires the efforts of everyone to run smoothly. As
of this writing Ulf is planning on attending. Please care for him in my
absence. We have always been made to feel welcome in your Barony and look
forward to seeing you in the near future. Someone lift a glass and a hip for
me and know that I will be wishing myself there while I care for the ill and

Baroness of Namron

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