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Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 06:31:52 PDT 2003

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Yes, I would be very interested!  Frankly, I've gotten a little tired of all the fist fights at events because someone said my tent is pink. LOL. If you could check into that a little more, that would be great.  As far as what a pavillion is, it's a medeivil tent, and yes I know I spelled that wrong.  sigh.  I have the book period pavillions which has several dozen styles, and many patterns, too.

Chris Graue <myangelmorgan at juno.com> wrote:I know how we can turn them back to red! there is a product called SIM
auto dye (or something... it is definitely called SIM)... it looks like
spray paint (in cans) but it doesnt dry tacky like spray paint does. it
is actually dye, apparently, and you can use it on cloth, leather, vinyl
or plastic. i worked for an upholstery shop for a while and he was quite
fond of the stuff. it comes in red and i even know how to mix colors if
you want to get a different shade than what comes pre-mixed.

let me know if you are interested... i would also like a pavillion... i
think... not exactly sure what one is, but i am pretty nearly almost
certain i want one....

eager to serve in any way possible,

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