[Northkeep] Feathers and dying

myangelmorgan at juno.com myangelmorgan at juno.com
Tue Apr 29 13:37:29 PDT 2003

... you could use the product I suggested for the "pink" pavillion. It is called SIM and you can find it at upholstery and also Auto paint suppliers. I plan to bring a couple cans of red to demonstrate on the "pink" pavillion... will it be at Crown or Castellan? Being new, I don't remember who the mightly pavillion maker is (and I am not at home where the saved messages are, either... I am at work). You bring the pink tent and I will bring the red dye.

BTW~ what color do you want these feathers? I could pick up a can of another color while I'm there, if you like... just mind that they are $7/each... which is great for dying tents or auto interiors, but maybe too pricey for small usage, such as feathers...


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