[Northkeep] Feathers and dying

myangelmorgan at juno.com myangelmorgan at juno.com
Tue Apr 29 14:55:00 PDT 2003

why didn't i think of that? *slaps forehead*
i have an article on "pantry dyes" as well, and they say you can take white cloth and draw patterns with MUSTARD and it will be permanant after you wash it! they also talked about tea to give shades of brown, onion skins for a light brownish color (not using RED or white onions, OBVIOUSLY)... oh yeah, and they talked about every parents' nightmare... KOOLAID!!!! how many times has your child come home from daycare in the summer and you CANT get the #*^%&^%$#(*&% koolaid stains out of their clothes??? so you KNOW that works.

anyway, try mustard, see how that works and let us know... i know feathers wont hold dyes the same as fabric, but it is worth a try...


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