[Northkeep] Fire question

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Tue Apr 29 16:42:03 PDT 2003

Intellicast forcasting says we have clear skies Fri, Sat and rain late on
Sunday with highs of about 75!


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>If it rains this week like forecasted, a burn ban should not be an
>issue. But we will have to verify on Friday, on-site, with the park
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>Subject: [Northkeep] Fire question
>Was talking to some of the folk from Tahlequah and we were wanting to
>what the status on fires will be.  I checked the event page and it read
>ground fires allowed in the main area with the list field. Ground fires
>welcome in other areas so long as a burn ban is not in effect. ) so just
>checking on burn ban and if this means fires are ok over in the camping
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