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Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Apr 29 19:46:03 PDT 2003

Chris wrote:
>Mrs.  Thompson,  with  tears in her eyes, whispered back. She said,
>"Teddy, you  have  it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I
>could make a difference. I didn't know how to teach until I met you."
>Warm someone's heart today. . . pass this along. I love this story so very
>much,  I  cry  every  time  I  read  it.  Just  try to make a difference
>in someone's life today? tomorrow? just "do it".
>Random acts of kindness, I think they call it?
>"Believe in Angels, then return the favor"

To make this on topic and to take a page out of Lynn's book,

This message makes me think about all I have loved about being hospitaller
during this time.  Much of the time is spent talking to people who may
never have the bravery to show up at something, but when you see them come
out and slowly become a part of our society, it is an incredible reward.  I
hope in my almost 2 years I have helped to make a difference in some of the
lives of ones in our group and hope for the same joy for our next

For those who weren't at Populace or haven't read the Saga, my time as
hospitaller is rapidly coming to an end.  Applications will be taken till
Populace next month and need to be sent to me, Lady Marta our Senescal,
Their Excellencies Ainar and Mercedes and to Lady Celeste the Regional
Hospitaller.  It is one of the most wonderful offices available, in that
you are given many opportunities to help people discover what can become a
wonderful part of their lives.

Chris, you and your family have been one of my greatest joys in my time as

Susan the Curious
Hospitaller of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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