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The 13th and 14th would be best for me!

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I've been approached tentatively to see if I would be willing to fly up
Toronto to teach a class on shoemaking there.  I'm ok with the idea, but

I've never geared my shoemking classes for that sort of exercise.  Which

means that before I can teach such a class,  I'd have to have something 

Would there be any interest in people stiting through a two day class
weekend on making shoes?  In your case, it will cost you the price of
and materials - some of which you already have.  The folks in Canada are

going to have to pay to have me fly up there, which may be the sticking 
point with these negotiations, and I'd like to give them their money's 

If so, please contact me and we'll see if we can't figure out a weekend
isn't already taken or that people would be willing to change plans for.

I'm thinking either in December or January sometime.


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