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I already screwed mine up trying to show Mandy how to do it. Will you be
in Tulsa anytime soon or over Christmas break where you can help show
her how to weave?


Lynne Dawson
Union Public Schools
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The double-face weaving class I am teaching is completely hands on.  You

need to have a loom, thread and shuttle.  The loom needs to be threaded
holes A and B a light color and holes C and D dark.  If you are not sure
to thread the loom, I will be in the main hall starting at 10:30 to help

anyone who needs it.  The sign up sheet is limited to 12 but I'm not
strict on that as long as people don't mind being a little cramped.  If 
anyone has any other questions, email me directly at
vyxnlady at hotmail.com 
and I'll try to resond before tomorrow morning.  Thanks Aelfwyn

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>I believe that's supposed to be double faced tablet weaving - and I
>remember if it is demonstration or hands on - check the class list on
>A lucet is a wishbone shaped tool - like what Talana has been doing at 
>populace - you use it to make lacings, etc.....
>Tatting is hard to explain - kind of a knotting technique using a
needle or 
>a shuttle - the end result is kind of lacy, a little like crochet, only
>really..........(I know that probably doesn't help much)  The initial 
>stitch techniques are pretty simple and then it can get more
>It's a really portable way to make some really pretty things, though,
>it can be started fairly cheaply.  Toinette teaches the needle tatting 
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