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Sun Dec 14 16:33:46 PST 2003

            the royal huntsman tourney rapidly approaches !!!!

                and i know your all out of practice .....
so come on out and practice  / have fun / and kill some paper .!!

for those that didn't make archery practice today , you missed a fun shoot..
you missed seeing geoffrey makepeace break his past royal round record of 35 with a very good  47 . !!!!
you missed seeing the newbe decide that shooting without training wheels was loads of fun . !!!!
and you missed seeing my first attempts at both making crossbow bolts ( from old arrows ) and at shooting a crossbow .
i'm not too unhappy with how i shot , but i would like to thank everyone who came out for not laughing too hard as my new crossbow bolts went cork screwing toward the targets . !!!!!

  i would like to thank both milady felici cumberland and milord geoffrey makepeace  for bringing a newbe  ( mka-david pethel ) to practice !!!  
and hope to see david at more practices soon.

and i would also like to thank milady felici for keeping score  !!!!

we turned in 3 open bow royal round scores 
and an open crossbow royal round score as well ..

sorry you all missed the fun 
come on out next sunday.

also , is anyone going to be interested in shooting an archery practice on dec. 28 th ???
i figured i should ask as that is between the christmas dinners , and the new years parties . so people may be a bit stuffed or rushed ..

be safe, be happy , have fun 
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