[Northkeep] sewing day....

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Fri Dec 26 11:33:17 PST 2003

Lahoma and I are going to be getting together for a Sewing Day in the Very Near Future -  the goal, to sew up some tabards to identify ourselves as Ansteorran Waterbearers for the Estrella War... as well as making the requisite Pretty New Garb for the upcoming spring/summer season.  :-)

If interested, please contact Lahoma or I off list.  I'll be bringing sewing machine, patterns, serger, and something Evil and Chocolately.  Grab your fabric and patterns and notions and goodies and let's have some fun!

-Lady Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah
Northern Regional Grand Poobah of Waterbearing. :-P
Founder, Northkeep Waterbearing & Cheerleading Squad

(Hey, if you should happen to wander by my website.... please leave word of your visit, and any thoughts / opinions / constructive criticism on the site in the guestbook. Feedback is a great and wonderous thing.)
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