[Northkeep] Thanks...

Sean West ptolemys_emporium at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 05:57:41 PST 2003

Thank you all for your responses. I already feel very welcome. I am 
looking at attending one of the gatherings in January to get 
acquainted. I also thought I might look more at the medieval period 
of Carpathia/Romania. The Romanian area was once a Roman Province and 
the Romanian language is Latin based. You will also notice many of 
the structures, particularly the roofs, follow ancient Roman 
structures. They have also had influence from Gangis Kanh and 
heralded him as a hero. The culture is very diverse and deep, I think 
mostly because of its centralized location and constant interaction 
with many cultures.

Anyway, I think this may prove a very productive venture.


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