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Long time no hear, on this list at least.  Welcome back.


Biggest gathering times are still populace (last Monday of the month at
7:30 PM, same old library as before though it got remodeled) and fighter
practices.  Though it is the Wednesday night practice that seems to have
the bigger draw than Saturday as far as populace turning out and
visiting.  Wednesday practices are at McClure Park on Memorial, just
south of the Wal-Mart area (I don't remember the exact street).  I am
not sure if the practices are continuing there as the weather changes
(Lord Angus Gunn, is it play by ear and check this list that day?).


The barony also has a consistent sent of specialty meetings going on
regularly.  There are monthly shoe class, needleworkers' guild, heraldic
commenting, heraldic consulting, and scribal guild gatherings.  Rapier
practice is on Tuesday evenings in the downtown Tulsa library


Northkeep's wInterkingdom event moved to November this year instead of
January so you have missed it.  Too many events in January competing for

Wiesenfeuer Yule is this coming weekend in OKC.  Since you were active,
the baronage has changed and Master Lucais is the Baron of Wiesenfeuer;
this will be his first Yule as Baron.


I believe that the calander of events on the web site is fairly
up-to-date so I would suggest checking out
http://northkeep.ansteorra.org/ for more details.


Any specific questions beyond that?




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There is a little boy here who says his name is 'Seamus'. He is trying
to find his way back to some place called 'Northkeep'. If anyone knows
where this place is or when and where some of its citizens might meet,
please let us know.



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