[Northkeep] fighter practice?

Dennis England sirbalvin at cox.net
Wed Dec 3 21:10:37 PST 2003

It now appears I will likely be doing car maintenance on Saturday.  Little Blackie has decided to start blowing hoses.  The heater hose on the back of the engine block is the first to go and is going to be a serious pain to get to.  So if I decide to put it off til Sun.  (For instance, if I get up Sat. and its sunny and looking warm.)  I'll be there otherwise I'm expecting to replace all of them Sat.  190,000+ miles I probably need to give her some attention.


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    I just got back from McClure park, drove around at about 6:25 looking for
    familiar people or vehicles, but didn't see anyone....

    -zubeydah, who is thankfully no longer a Plague Rat.
  Darn, we just missed you.  We did meet up with Viggen though :-D



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