[Northkeep] 1st Thursday Scribal Night

Irena or Ren, whichever rubberduckiemom at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 14:31:05 PST 2003

Ummmm, I was never there Lucan.  Honest...(Looks around cautiously) It was Chris' idea!!!!

"Graue, Chris" <Chris.Graue at benham.com> wrote:
The meeting began around 7PM and was attended by Katrine la Esclopiera (Ryn
the Gimp), her daughter Andie, Rosamund, Mathius and myself. Meeting ended
around 11 after much painting and laughing and looking at pictures of Lucan
in High School Year Books. Photocopies provided for a small fee, or just for
fun, order yours today!

Next meeting (other than the 18th) will be January 1st at 7PM.

Thanks to those who attended, sorry others couldn't make it (seems EVERYONE
is sick lately),
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