[Northkeep] The Last Samari

ravenrux at cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Mon Dec 8 05:11:25 PST 2003

Well, at least Tom Cruise is the right height for a Samurai. :)

  Is it any good.  Thus far it has been on my "avoid even under threat of loss of limb" list.  But I guess if I hear enough good reviews I'll have to see it.

Masamune no Yahaki

From: "Dennis England" <sirbalvin at cox.net>
Date: 2003/12/07 Sun AM 12:31:21 EST
To: "northkeep" <northkeep at ansteorra.org>
Subject: [Northkeep] The Last Samari

Anyone of a warrior spirit needs to see this movie.  Regardless of the Hollywood ending.

Sir Balvin
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