[Northkeep] Caroling in Tahlequah. . . ???

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Mon Dec 8 14:10:08 PST 2003

At 01:57 PM 12/8/2003, you wrote:
>Have we setup a date for caroling yet?
>Lady Riannon has sent me a copy of thier book they used, and I can make 
>some booklets for us from it.  It also contains period information for the 
>songs listed.  They look great.
>Can someone send me a recipe for hot apple cider.
>Renault de Mont-Saint Michel
>Collector of Off-key notes. . .
>Red Leather and Antler free. . .

I am still hoping it will happen, but it seems we have major date conflicts 
amung the key people...  Thank you for getting a copy of the booklet from 
HE Riannon, that will be a great start, as I know Kasha has been busy with 
the thing she is working on in Broken Arrow.


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