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What you are going to do with your honey is a big issue on where  to buy it.

For cooking, etc. Sam's honey is acceptable.  For brewing, alergy relief...

A number of 'local' appiaries market their product through the farmers markets like Conrad's in Bixby.   IIRC, last year it was running $15-$18/gal (~12lb) for honey from Nowata and Peggs.  


"LRA" <lra at olpdsl.net> wrote:

>The bee farm she speaks of is on Highway 75 between 171 St and 181 St. It is on the west side of the street. However, when I needed honey (and lots of it) for a feast, I called them and asked for prices. They are VERY expensive. The best price I found for honey in larger quantities is Sam's.
>Lynn the Inquisitive
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>  hey there is a bee farm going out towards okmulgee that sells honey

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