[Northkeep] A call for boxes

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I have found that McDonald's and Taco Bell have great boxes. They are
generally about the same size (for the most part), usually clean because the
food comes in wrapped in plastic, and are big enough to put stuff in, but
not too big so they will be too heavy to lift. They get shipments in on a
regular basis, so by the time you finish packing one batch, they have a new
shipment in for you.

Most of the time, if you just ask the McDonald's folks, they will be happy
to give you their boxes. Some might even save them for you so you don't have
to go dumpster diving.

Liquor stores also have nice boxes. And these usually have bottle dividers
in them that make great kitchen glass boxes.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> Greetings everyone!
> The Cherry Street Menagerie is moving! (Catan, Anaka,
> Masamune, Alex, Aaron and myself) to a wonderful new
> house in White City -near 11th and Yale.  If anyone
> has boxes to spare, please drop me a line and we will
> be happy to come and get them.
> Thank you!
> Zahava
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