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Sat Dec 20 09:33:44 PST 2003


the royal huntsman approaches !!
and the weather guessers predict warm weather !!
so now is the time to come out and practice !!!!

come see the new range layout , the new targets , the twirling crossbow bolts ( well, only till i can fix them.. ) , and just have some fun !!
are you good enough to beat the dreaded archers bar ???
can you score above a 50 in the royal rounds ??
can you hit the paper ??? at 40 yrds ??
only one way to find out for sure.......
come out and play !!!!

unfortunately , i must announce that there will be no archery practice  on  january 4th as i'm not sure i can be back from steppes 12th night in time .
also, there will be no archery practice on febuary 1st as i will be helping out at k.a.s. / tribute / royal huntsman that weekend .

be safe , be happy , have fun 
and happy holidays to everyone !!!
( even those that don't like me .. )

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