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Diarmaid and Renu,

I'm really sorry the turn-out for your Shoe Making class was dismal, to
say the least. Both of you went to great lengths to provide this class
for the Barony, and I appreciate your effort even though it was wasted.
You had every right to expect that those people from our Barony who said
they would be there, would be there. Please accept my apologies for the
lack of consideration you were showed by members of our Barony.

To the Barony:

This is at least the second time this year that people in our Barony
have gone to the trouble to provide a class for the benefit of the group
that people committed to being there didn't show up to. I understand
that things come up, but the courteous thing to do would be to let the
planners of the class know your plans have changed if you had committed
to be at the class. In the future, please make every effort to either
honor your commitment or let the planners know you will not be there.
It's very disappointing to go to all the trouble to organize a class
that no one shows up to, especially if you've been told by many people
that they'll be there. I'm sure both Daimaid and Renu could have done
something else this past weekend if they'd have known that no one was
coming. I don't think anyone in the Barony can say that if this had
happened to them, they wouldn't be upset and very disappointed in the
group. Northkeep is better than this, so let's not let this happen


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Just a quick note about this weekend's shoemaking class.  Renault went
to a 
lot of trouble to make arrangements for this weekend, and with one
everything went off just fine.  I wanted to thank the few of you who 
actually bothered to let us know that you weren't going to be there, it
greatly appreciated.  For the rest of you who said you be there, I hope
had a good time with whatever was more important than letting us know
you wouldn't make it.  Had I know it was just going to be the two of us,
could have done this at my place and saved the hotel the suite.

For those of you who aren't sure - this is me being sorely disappointed
know, I know, I should have known better...)


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