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Barring illness flood or other natural disaster I should be there Saturday . Tech practice sounds like a great idea also .
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  Greetings to all the stick swingers of Northkeep,

  I have a few announcements and a question or two. First, fighter practice WILL be held this Saturday, Woodward Park, 12pm. I will be there in armor and looking for some fights, preferably melees. Friday night armoring will resume on Fri. Jan 9 at 7:00 pm at my house. See me if you need directions. No armorers this week, it is Elodie and I's anniversary.  Also, I would like to see a show of hands on holding a technical practice on Sunday afternoons, 2pm at my house. This would be a technique, pell work and slow work practice. Bring your armor as there are some pieces you will want to wear for this sessions. If there is some interest shown we will start Jan 4 at 2 pm. Once again, please inquire on directions if you need them. If you are needing armor worked on for gulf wars, see me please so we can get this process started. Here's hoping you all had a Merry Christmas and hoping for a Happy New Year. See you all tonight or Saturday. 

  Lord Angus Macdhaid Gunn
  Squire to Sir Alrek Kanin
  Knight Marshall Northkeep.

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