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More bad news...  I will not be able to make it on the 1st...I am going to 12th Night, almost forgot to tell you.

"Graue, Chris" <Chris.Graue at benham.com> wrote:
Don't forget, I am holding Scribal at my house this Thursday at 7PM.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to Sioban's again this month as I
am travelling to Lake Havasu, AZ for one of my VW campouts and will be
leaving Wed, returning the following Tues... give or take. Anyone wanna go
with me? Unfortunately, I have already inquired about SCA activities in the
area and there just aren't any... they did, however, invite me to join them
a couple weeks before or after that for their HUGE thing some of you all go
to... can't afford 2 trips in one month, though :(

Anyway, don't forget THIS THURSDAY at my house!!! Here's my address:
2048 E 12th St
Tulsa, OK 74104
Between Lewis and Utica, 11th street and the Broken Arrow expressway
(highway 64/51)

>From 11th Street (between Lewis and Utica) turn SOUTH on Yorktown. When you
get to the stop sign, my house is in front of you, to the right. White
house, blue trim, one porch and icicle lights along the front and sides. I
think most of you are familiar with my VW bus with things painted on it...
just look for that if you aren't sure. Park in the driveway, there's plenty
of room if you don't mind being parked in. Otherwise, park on the street in
front of my house or on Yorktown before the stopsign. There is no parking on
the opposite side of my street.

>From Utica (between 11th and the B.A.) Go EAST on 12th street, there is a
light there. Take it about 1/4 mile until the road straightens back out...
it kinda dog-legs a bit halfway down and it seems tight... after it
straightens, my house is on the Right, again, white house, blue trim, icicle

If you have any questions, need directions or get lost, just call me at

See you all Thursday whether you have a hangover or not,
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