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james pyeatt soltrollslayer at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 22:17:59 PST 2003

well im still lost soon as it gets warmer ill be ready to join then ill have the time i hope

Susan O'Neal <catmafia at direcway.com> wrote:At 10:02 AM 12/30/2003, you wrote:
>I am looking to possibly join the Tulsa area SCA group. I live in
>Sapulpa and have an interest primarily in Ancient Greco-Egyptian
>Alexandria, Rome and the transitional period into the mediaeval
>period. I will read on the main SCA page for now, but look forward to
>speaking with anyone on becoming a member.

Welcome to the group Ptolemis,

I am over in the Eastern Reaches of the Barony-it is as close to drive to 
Grimfells in Calontir and Smythkeep in Meridies as it is to the heart of 
the Barony; so we feel very centrally located. It is a wonderful Barony 
with many riches and interests, I am hoping you are able to find your way 
around and other's who share your interests.

Susan the Curious
in Tahlequah

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