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Now I really feel icky about not being able to go...  I guess I'll have to tell Robert the plans for the trip are off...  hehehehe... I hope the evening goes well for you.  I will be at the normal one.  I won't get there until almost 8pm, but I will be at that one.

"Graue, Chris" <Chris.Graue at benham.com> wrote:What a shame! I so enjoyed you being there last time! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Sioban will want to be there to see my new decorations. My mom is a collect-aholic and since she can't display these collected things at home, she buys them and gives them to me... like I need help collecting more stuff! She is quite fond of collecting the movie posters from the LOtR series... there are 3 in Christopher's room, 4 in the "scribal room" and 2 of those puzzles you can hang on the wall without having to glue them together... plus she got some stamp thing and a 3-D puzzle of the Hall of the horse king... can't rememeber the name, but I think it's from Rohan. She also buys me beanie babies, most of which are in boxes in the basement.
I have an update. I have placed a LARGE Northkeep badge in my front window (bay style triple windows, it's in the middle) so it will be more obvious which house you are looking for. And to intice you... maybe... I plan on serving a WONDERFUL soup to anyone who can make it (show up early if you like). Now I am not one of those supersticious people who must have black-eyed peas, black beans and rice, or lima beans on Jan 1 to have good luck in the coming year... but my mom did have a tradition of making this soup and when I thought of it the other day, I thought "WHY NOT?", so I am making it. Heck, come for the soup and leave, if you like, I don't care!
Have you ever hated certain foods on their own, but when they are mixed together, somehow they become delicious? I was amazed when it happened to me. I hate green peppers, cooked carrots, celery and DESPISE black-eyed peas... but my mom made this soup once and all these ingredients are in it... and it is the most wonderful soup I have ever eaten... and the recipe makes enough to feed an army, so I'll be eating this stuff for a month if you guys don't come have some.
If you don't want to try the soup, because you, too, hate black eyed peas, then you don't have to eat it, but I do hope you will come, anyway. I will not check my e-mail after I leave here tonight, so if you have any questions for me this evening or tomorrow, please call me @ 583-1588.
(for allergy purposes, the ingredients also include ground beef, a can of tomatoes, probably stewed, and dried-minced onions)
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More bad news...  I will not be able to make it on the 1st...I am going to 12th Night, almost forgot to tell you.

 ... THIS THURSDAY at my house!!! Here's my address:
2048 E 12th St
Tulsa, OK 74104
Between Lewis and Utica, 11th street and the Broken Arrow expressway (highway 64/51)

See you all Thursday whether you have a hangover or not,

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