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Hi Ptolemis!

Welcome to Northkeep and Ansteorra.

As others have mentioned, if you have web access, that's a great place to
start a journey of learning and exploring this Dream of ours. The Calendar
lists several weekly meetings that address a variety of guilds and
activities: Shoemaking, needleworking, scribal... Lord Angus also posted
mentioning a fighter practice this saturday - even if you aren't
particularly interested in becoming a heavy weapons fighter, it's a good way
to jump in and at least meet some folks.

Sadly, you JUST missed our monthly Populace meeting, which is held the final
Monday of each month. I hope to see you there in January, though!

in service,


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> I am looking to possibly join the Tulsa area SCA group. I live in
> Sapulpa and have an interest primarily in Ancient Greco-Egyptian
> Alexandria, Rome and the transitional period into the mediaeval
> period. I will read on the main SCA page for now, but look forward to
> speaking with anyone on becoming a member.
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