[Northkeep] Gulf Wars

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Tue Feb 4 07:35:01 PST 2003

In order to not clog the list with stuff about Gulf Wars I'm compiling a
list of addresses for the people who are pre-registered.  I'm short a few -
can anyone help me fill in the list?
I need addresses for:
Evan der Fultime
Kevin Corley
Ld Wynfrith
Ld Richard (Aelfwyn's lord)

This is the list I have of people who are pre-registered (in no particular
order).  If you are pre-registered to camp with Northkeep and don't see your
name on this list, please let me know.  Also if you have not sent your tent
info to Baron Michel yet, please do so immediately.
1. Damon
2. Ismet
3. Diethelm
4. Nadine
5. Beorhtlic
6. Elisabeta
7. Aelfwyn
8. Richard
9. Catin
10. Wynfrith
11. Ciana
12. Angus
13. George
14. James
15. Nick
16. Timothy
17. Theresa
18. Kate
19. Ainar
20. Mercedes
21. Evan
22. Alton
23. Keigan
24. Kevin C
25. Aneke
26. Catan
27. Masamune

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