[Northkeep] The Excitement is Building !! (shameless Event plug!)

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Mon Feb 10 06:24:07 PST 2003

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From: "David Backlin" <edrei at earthlink.net>

Here in the Shire of Smythkepe, we're all excited.... Cracked Anvil VI is a
mere 7 days away. We've got classes, we've got A&S, we've got fighting
(heavy and light), we've got Boffer fighting, we've got a great feast (and
lots of
desserts made by Shire members)... we also have a Bardic competition (who
will be brave enough to compete against Smythkepe's own Moira nic Bryn and
Seamas Macdaibhid ?).

If nothing else, come for "Tigger Heraldry" and Plague Frog (Mourner's Guild
not provided).

Still can't find a reason to attend? How about MERCHANTS?!!

Too far to drive? Let us know and we'll find you some Crash Space!

STILL need a reason to attend? How about:  because we'd love to see you?!

Still have questions? Operators are standing by (well, actually the it's
Autocrat and the Feast-o... er, Food Wrangler)!

Autocrat: THL Moira nic Bryn (mka Cathy Armstrong) 479-462-7378
moirabryn at yahoo.com

"Food Wrangler": Bridget O'Fallon (mka Cathy Simkins) 479-929-5362
ozarkitty at aol.com

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