[Northkeep] Other stuff Re: [Was] T-Shirts-

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Fri Feb 14 05:28:42 PST 2003

While tossing ideas around...

Back in shire days, Mistress Catherine made a couple of tabards for the guys going to Gulf.  These came to be known as the Northkeep expeditionary force tabards.  It was a red tabard with the NK badge on the front.  The rondel is what...6" to 8" diameter?  I believe Angus still regularly wears his and Thorvald has one.  Who else has 'em?

Would there be interest from the populous for some of those badges which could be appliqued to tabards, tunics, cloaks, whatever?

Is there is someone with the material and time to make several of them if there _is_ interest?   With a charge for materials and workmanship, what would be a fair price?


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