[Northkeep] The trip home

fintan at cableone.net fintan at cableone.net
Sun Feb 23 16:59:31 PST 2003

Ottokar That was no adventure it was a epic tale of
fear, stress, and luck. The skill {Luck} of the two
drivers, Volkmore and my self, got us home in one peace
with just a few pieces of Volkmores car left behind next to that
concrete road divider. The 7 hours of driving and numerous close calls with
death was the fear and stress part. Over all I am glad that we went.
Sat fighting was the best time I have had. And the experiences of it all
was something I will hold on to. Now if it wold just worm up and
milt the 1 ½ foot snow in my drive so I can get my darn truck up near
the house. More tales from us later. Ottokar we should put it down on
paper so we can match it up to the pics we took. Fintan O'Quigg

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