[Northkeep] Oyez Oyez!

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Sat Feb 1 11:58:31 PST 2003

Can do.  We need to get together sometime about the heraldry on site.  I also have a court/political question for you, but it can wait until I see you in person.

Masamune no Yahaki

From: Kathy Herndon <northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org>
Date: 2003/02/01 Sat PM 12:46:27 EST
To: northkeep at ansteorra.org
Subject: Re: Re: [Northkeep] Oyez Oyez!

>I have good maps of most of Oklahoma.  If I have a decent map of the
>site, I will redraw it for you so we won't have any copyright issues.
>Masamune no Yahaki

Zahava and I have a park provided map of the site.  It is a good line
drawing but includes too much of the park.  If you want to redraw it,
check out http://www.shopoklahoma.com/sequomap.gif and you will find
the Group Camp shown on an inlet in the upper left corner of the

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