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Mon Feb 3 08:29:40 PST 2003

We have some tabards with the Baronial badge on them, however, the white
part turned pink when they got washed after Investiture #2.  I haven't
figured out how to fix them yet.................

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Who is going to be the Hall Steward for Coronation? I would like to
volunteer to serve at the feast. My experience at wInterkingdom taught me a
lot, and I'd like to reserve the priviledge of taking care of the musicians
(and others nearby), if at all possible.

Also, will we be making new tabbards for the servers with the emblem of
Ansteorra? (Some of the server tabbards had the symbol of Northkeep, others
did not.)  If so, I'd be very happy to volunteer to help with their
crafting, and could donate an entire bolt of heavy black canvas fabric (12
yards, 60"), and another of a lighter weight black batiste (25 yards, 45")
if they would be useful.

What other sorts of projects for hall decoration will be undertaken? Is
anyone coordinating those efforts that I could contact?

- a terribly excited and eager to see her first Coronation...


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