[Northkeep] Trim?

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I didn't realize he worked with you Damon.  I wonder if we did do a
newcomer's garb type thing if he would be willing to bring stock to
somewhere so people could shop.  Sigh, definitely an after Gulf Wars thing.

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They live just off Lynn lane and 51st. Behind the convent.

I'll not publish their home phone # without their OK (he's not answering his
desk right now) but his addy here at FSI is richardc at ssd.fsi.com.

Drix is a great guy and has wonderful stuff but if you can, please support
this local family who could use the business.


"Mercedes/Stephanie" <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
>No - we have a couple hear in Tulsa that merchant trim, Mama Gwen and
>Reichert. Gwen's health has been somewhat precarious in recent years and
>they have not been as active as they'd (or we'd) like. They are the reason
>that Ainar and I had trim on our wedding clothes. They opened their house
>to me and let me paw through their stock. :)

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