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Hey Cool!  I'm always happy to have someone else to fight with!

I'll ask around regarding armor for sale, and if you'll find me at an
upcoming event, I'll show you examples of proper equipment, and go over the
regulations with you and whoever else will listen, and perhaps go over some
basics.  I'll be at Eldren Ansteorran Tribute, and River War.

Per the regs:" Torso must be covered with puncture resistant material.
Puncture resistant material is defined as that which will pass the official
punch test.  Examples are: four-oz leather, four layer of heavy poplin
cloth, ballistic nylon rated at least 550 newtons, or other equivalent
material."  (Some linen is equivalent using multiple layers.   Whatever
material you use, I advise having a swatch punch tested, before you get
armor made out of it.)

20ga. mild steel is an example of rigid material per the regs.  Rigid
material must be worn on the face, sides of the head, and (for men) groin

Also: " No piece of armor which might prevent the wearer from properly
judging the validity of a blow will be allowed."

While I'm sure the breast plate looks spiffy, blow calling would be
difficult, if not impossible.

Happy to help!

Therese Maria Giovanni

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a couple of us are looking at playing light up here in Bartlesville

dose any one have any used gear for sale
and dose anyone locally make light armor

oh and one other thing how about a light gauge (like 20 gauge) steel breast
plate will that work

Luther Von Holstein (my later period persona)

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