[Northkeep] Meeting you guys

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Feb 15 21:51:18 PST 2003

>I would like to meet up with you guys before the Wars, so I'll know some
>folks from here. I'll be nice to know someone out there. Where is the best
>place to do this? Fighter practice, or another event?? Let me know. I look
>forward to meeting you all! :)

You missed a great opportunity at Smythekeep's event today, there were 16
or so of us there; a great event and I hope more of us make it next
year.  Otherwise just come to what fits your schedule; check out our
meeting page at the web site.  I will make it early to populace and
introduce you around if you like.

Susan the Curious
Hospitaller of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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