[Northkeep] question about crown tourney numbers

Beth Hansen Beth at stormreaver.net
Tue Feb 18 06:00:25 PST 2003

I've never attended a crown tourney, and was wondering what the
_approximate_ turn out numbers are for fighters in attendance might be?
I've only ever seen a war (Estrella) so I wasn't sure what the expected
numbers might be. 50? 100? 200?

I was wondering, because I was enormously impressed with how the Outlands
took care of their fighters with their waterbearing station, and thought we
could not possibly follow a better example than that set by Her Excellency
Davita. (I took LOTS of notes.) Just didn't know the scale difference.


who just got back from the war last night, and ... WOW!! I mean... WOW!!!

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