[Northkeep] Event Report: ESTRELLA WAR!

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 18 15:43:14 PST 2003

Your memories of that first war will be with you
forever-- no matter the number of events you attend or
wars you make.  My first war (and like you, very very
early in my SCA life, maybe my 3rd event total I
think) was Pennsic 24.  Those wonderful feelings,
those that you have never felt before will never be
replaced by memories newer Events and Wars. Events
will come and go, Wars will each make their own
impressions, but that first War-- only every once in a
while will you glimse that wonderful place again. Some
call them simply "Moments." They are those breif
pauses in time when you know for sure that this Game
is more than a game.

--- "beth at stormreaver.net" <beth at stormreaver.net>
> I was ... oh, gosh, there isn't a word to truly
> convey the emotions that
> filled me at Estrella War. Amazed. Astounded.
> Delighted. Wide-eyed with
> wonder... they all fail to do it justice.

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