[Northkeep] re: scottish personna

Kitty O'Neal kitty at swbell.net
Thu Feb 20 18:12:56 PST 2003

Marc/Diarmaid said:
> she might want to look into tracking down an onomastics expert -before-
> she settled down and got married to what name she wanted.

::hobbles up, all Igor-like::  You rang?

But seriously, yeah.  I was lucky enough to have a very simple naming
quandry...  Anything that I chose, I was going to get called Kitty. :)  But
for anyone looking at a name, I strongly suggest the Academy of St. Gabriel,
and for anyone doing Scottish, you /have/ to read Scottish Names 101 by
Effric neyn Kenyeoch.  You just do. <onomastic rant> 95% of the horrible
Scottish names in the Society could be prevented if the people involved read
that article and took it to heart.
</onomastic rant>

Ekaterina Stepanova doch' Novgorodskaia
(otherwise known as Kitty)

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