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Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Fri Feb 21 05:53:10 PST 2003

We hate to see the two of you leave but understand where your priorities have to be.

UC Davis...capitol of the Winemaking and Grape growing industry in the US.   A number of my books on those topics as well as analysis of wine tasting etc. are written by professors at UC Davis.  Hmm...

GabriDAvila at netscape.net wrote:
>Heya everyone,
>Puck and I have finally had some news. Berkeley is a no-go, but I received an acceptance letter from UC Davis! We're still waiting to hear from Stanford and UT Austin, but unless one of them offers a scholarship I can't refuse it looks like we'll be heading off for Davis, California.
>Davis is a university town about 15-20 minutes from Sacramento and an hour from Berkeley. I'll have access to the Berkeley libraries too. The standard of living is MUCH closer to ours than Berkeley's - just 1/3rd more expensive instead of 3 times as expensive. And it still ranks in the top 15 schools for Spanish graduate programs.
>Now, if only I get a scholarship or teaching assistant position.... :)
>Hmmm...we'll need boxes in a couple months too!
>Take care,

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