[Northkeep] bagpipes for funeral

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Feb 24 17:05:32 PST 2003

>  Kenneth Maxwell, a fringe player of the SCA but a good person died this
>weekend. His family and fiance stated he really liked bagpipes and ask that
>I try and find someone who plays. If you or anyone you know would be willing
>to play bagpipes, please contact me off list. Paid individuals are fine.
>Karl Hungus
>AKA  Frank Howerton

As I said off list, I am so sorry to hear of Kenneth's passing.  I was just
checking with my mom to see if she needed anything with the snow, so she
wouldn't go out, and she asked me about the murder this weekend and if the
Good Sameritan was a member of our group as it mentioned he was into
reinactment.  I went to check the station she had mentioned and in reading
the article, found that it was Kenneth.  What an awful way to pass, he was
calling in a 911 for a fire at the house where the couple had been murdered
and then was killed also.

Hoping you are able to find pipers for his family,


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