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It is at the Bank Of Oklahoma routing number 10390036. The Account is called
the Kenneth Maxwell Family Fund. The account number is 85038441. If you need
more infromation feel free to contact me. (email MalkavsNyx at aol.com )

Crystal Remy

  This is the contact information for anyone wanting to help financially.
Thank you all.

Frank Howerton

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>>I'm expecting Alton or Karl to post something to the list when they know
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>>I checked with my boss, who had a piper play at her brother's funeral. She
>>stated that she found a piper through the Tulsa Scottish Rite branch, and
>>that the cost was around $50.00.
>>Also, who is the contact lead for donations to help the family with
>I sent Karl the contact information on a piper based in Guthrie.
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